Kumho Tyres

KUMHO Tire is a world-leading tyre brand owned by the Korean KUMHO Tire Co. The KUMHO Tire Group was founded in 1960 in Guangzhou, South Korea, and is currently ranked in the TOP 20 (No. 17 – July 2022) of tyre manufacturers worldwide, according to the Top 75 ranking of Tire Business, with sales of €1.932 billion in 2022 and factories in Korea, America, China, Vietnam, as well as a new factory in Europe, the construction of which has been announced.

With an annual production capacity of 55 million tyres, Kumho Tire has been, since 1965, an international Group that manufactures high quality tyres and has a mission to offer its customers safe and comfortable driving performance through innovative technologies and smart automotive solutions. The company's customer-oriented character is also clearly shown by its No. 1 ranking in the Korean Customer Satisfaction Index (KCSI) in the passenger car category for over 14 years.

In addition, KUMHO Tire's dedication to innovation is displayed by the successive recent distinctions its products have received at an international level such as the German "Red Dot Design Awards”, the "iF Design Awards” and the American "International Design Excellence Awards”. Moreover, Kumho Tire supports the brand by participating in major motorsport events, sponsorships in football and basketball and other important sponsorship activities.

KUMHO Tire has currently nine subsidiaries and 12 branches in 20 countries, while it implements dynamic strategies to expand its sales base in the EU. In this context, the new cooperation with the Greek EMA SA was launched. KUMHO Tire produces tyres for passenger and SUV cars, trucks, buses, as well as tyres for industrial vehicles. Furthermore, it manufactures motorsport tyres specifically for Formula racing track cars.

Technologically, KUMHO Tire has developed expert R&D centres, including the KUMHO Akron Technical Center in Akron, USA, the KUMHO Europe Technical Center in Frankfurt, Germany, and the KUMHO China Technical Center in China. These, combined with the central R&D department in Guangzhou, Korea, create cutting-edge innovations run by research experts, enabling KUMHO Tire to develop world-class tyres with a low environmental footprint, since the company is committed to implement sustainable production and operations management policies.

For more information: www.kumho.gr