Uniroyal Tyres

When you buy our tyres, you trust us to keep you safe. We take this responsibility very seriously. Our experience in developing tyres for wet and winter conditions has given us unrivalled knowledge in water drainage, aquaplaning and traction performance to maintain grip on the road. Besides, our first success came thanks to motor racing tyres — there would be no better way to build our reputation than with our exceptional materials and smart tread design.

We have been and will be innovators. We evolved the first "Rain Tyre" in 1969 and were the first to discover the benefits of symmetrical V tread design. Our Research and Development department has an innovative technological approach by finding inspiration in the most unexpected places. This trend has led to the discovery of the Shark Skin tyre technology that uses bionics to replicate the shark's ability to repel water and minimize drag.
If you ask us, there is no such thing as bad weather. We love rain. We love snow, slush and everything in between. We have spent a lot of time studying them, so that you can enjoy driving in so-called bad weather.

We want to be able to enjoy the road when it starts raining. We have felt safe and confident when cornering with speed, knowing that our tyres will have a good grip on the road. We are committed to continuous improvement, so that you can enjoy your time behind the wheel, knowing your safety is always in good hands.

For more information: www.uniroyal-tyres.com