General Tire

It doesn't matter if you are driving on the asphalt or on unexplored routes in the desert.
General Tire can get you anywhere.

Based on the American brand's legacy, General Tire has been a significant competitor in the ever-changing tyre industry by introducing technological and manufacturing developments over the past 100 years.
With an expansive and rather interesting choice of tread patterns and dimensions, General Tire continues its long tradition of being the customers' favourite choice when it comes to quality, value and performance.
Nowadays, General Tire has delivered a product line of hard, durable and ultra-high-performance tyres for SUVs and Off-road 4x4s that meet every customer's needs.

General Tire specialises in 4x4s and offers SUV and 4x4 drivers robust and durable tyres for any use. It is one of the key areas where General Tire is traditionally famous in line with its American legacy.

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