Trazano Tyres

TRAZANO is an outstanding tyre brand worldwide, owned by Chinese Zhongce Rubber Group Co. Ltd. Founded in 1958 and headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhongce Tyre Group (Zhongshu) is the No. 1 tyre manufacturer in China and No. 8 tyre manufacturer worldwide for 2021, according to the Tire Business Top 75 ranking. Zhongce Group operates in more than 160 countries and in 2021, it demonstrated sales of $4.528 billion. The Group produces tyres for trucks, passenger cars, 4X4s, motorcycles, bicycles, agricultural and industrial vehicles, and ATVs.

High quality, safety and comfort are its values and competitive prices are its main comparative advantage. TRAZANO tyres brings together the professional expertise of engineers and technicians who know how to meet the global needs of the tyre market. Zhongce Group invests large amounts in the R&D department, which puts TRAZANO brand in a top position. The Group has also invested in first-rate production and testing equipment, so that, from tyre design to tread configuration, TRAZANO tyres show exceptional performance, while contributing to a responsible policy towards the Environment and Man.