Strategic partnerships

EMA's core objective is to create value for its customers/partners as well as end consumers.

EMA fosters its partnerships on the basis of mutual progress and benefit to establish a productive business life, by selecting and offering top products & innovative services, business consulting, flexible cooperation, trust, reliability, consistency and meaningful professional relations.

Since it started operating, it has established strategic partnerships with leading automotive manufacturers, which guarantee quality, continuous research and development of their products.

Strategic Partnerships are not limited to suppliers. Both in the Tyre and Lubricants sectors, EMA has fostered long-standing collaborative relationships, with tyre stores, car repair shops, spare parts dealers, car fleets and dealerships, as well as other professionals throughout Greece.

EMA, in addition to the supply of top products and services, provides multifaceted support to the professionals with whom it cooperates, through various programs, as regards technical training, marketing and business development.

Continental Group AG

In 1998, EMA expanded its cooperation with CONTINENTAL AG, which was established in 1964, by becoming the dealer of UNIROYAL tyres. CONTINENTAL closes its branch in Greece and assigns to EMA SA the exclusive marketing and distribution of the Group's main tyre brands under CONTINENTAL, UNIROYAL, BARUM, VIKING and GENERAL trademarks. 

CONTINENTAL AG was founded in Hanover, Germany in 1871 and apart from the tyre sector it is active in the research and production of automotive systems as regards road safety, active assistance & safety, chassis dynamics, engine & transmission systems, hybrid and electric drive systems, infotainment & multimedia, telematics & vehicle instruments, tyres and mobility extension systems, elastomeric products, vibration absorption & noise management. Today, it is considered one of the world's leading automotive suppliers, with presence in 49 countries and 189,168 employees.

The Group's sales amount to €34.5 billion and, based on its turnover, it is considered to be the 2nd supplier of automotive spare parts & systems worldwide.

Kumho Tire

EMA SA begins its collaboration with Kumho Tire, one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world. In 2022, our company has started distributing Kumho Tire products in Greece, offering a wide range of tyres for vehicles. Kumho Tire is known for the high quality and reliability of its products, and this collaboration will offer competitive solutions to EMA's customers, as well as strengthen its position in the Greek tyre market.

Ζc-Rubber Group

Since 2022, EMA SA has been distributing Trazano tyre brand in the Greek market. Trazano is owned by Chinese colossus Zc-Rubber, the No. 1 tyre manufacturer in China and ninth in the world rankings. 

Shandong Haohua Tire Co. Ltd.

EMA SA begins its collaboration with Shandong Haohua Tire, one of the leading tyre manufacturers in China. In 2023, our company has started distributing Aplus brand in Greece, offering a wide range of tyres for vehicles.

Shandong New Continent Tire Co.,Ltd

EMA SA begins in 2023 its collaboration with Shandong New Continent Tire, distributing in the Greek market the brand Comforser, the Nr1 4x4/SUV tire brand in China. 

BP Group

In the lubricants sector, EMA SA has been cooperating since 2009 with BP HELLAS corporate group, the Greek subsidiary of the oil colossus BP, which produces and markets Castrol lubricants.

Since 1974 it has been working with the largest fuel and lubricant company in Germany, ARAL AG, which was acquired by BP Castrol in 2008.

77 B.V. Lubricant Oils

Since March 2008, EMA has been cooperating with the Dutch lubricants producer 77 B.V. Lubricant Oils and distributes its products in the Greek market.